Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Will it happen today

I am a hockey fan and have been for years. I remember the day that the announcement came that we were losing our Winnipeg Jets. I remember the last game played and the sense of loss that was felt for years after. Maybe today I will feel the sense of joy of a NHL team coming back to the 'Peg. Maybe today will be a day of new era for a new team.

I have to admit though, I am getting tired of....here's the carrot....oh no you don't....here's the carrot....thing going back and forth. Just make an announcement either way, quit toying with my emotions. Well, True North is making an announcement today at 11 am central time.

Do I think they should be the "Winnipeg Jets", no. That ship has sailed and if this is the start of a new era, it should be with a new name to go with a new team.

Think about this as we await the word...if you lost a child and then had another would you use the same name or would you want to start fresh? Would you want to play on the memory of what was or start with what is now?