Monday, August 1, 2011

one week in...

Well it has been a week and not much has changed... 

Eating clean is not as easy as it sounds when you work shift work. I'm sure it can be if you put enough effort into it but I don't always have the time or energy to do that. I am a working mother who works some weekends and nights on some weeks. For example, last week I worked Tuesday and Wednesday until 5, Thursday 12 - 8, Friday 10-6 and Saturday 8:30-4. By the time Sunday rolled around, I was beat tired and Monday it starts all over again. Some weeks I have a 3 day weekend (when I can get a lot done) and some weeks I only get a one day weekend. 

This doesn't mean that I am giving up, just looking for something that is a little easier, that doesn't take as much cooking and shopping, something that is a little easier for a woman on the go. My husband is also doing this diet with me so I am also looking for something that will work with his dietary issues. He has celiac disease and must follow a strict gluten-free diet, so any diet I am on, he is too. 

I have been doing some research and will be looking into the Dukan diet. Are you wondering what that is the same diet that Kate Middleton and her mother were on before the Royal Wedding. It is a variation of Atiken's from what I can tell so far with one exception, it allows for veggies and fruit. There are a total of 72 animal based foods and 28 plant based foods to make a total of 100 foods on the diet. The diet is much like the "hunter/gatherer" type of meal plan like our ancestors ate, and lets face it - most of them were smaller than we are today. So far, I only know what I have read on different websites and will need to purchase the book to learn more. If you check out the website you can calculate how long you need to be in each of the 4 phases of the diet - Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilization, and it calculates how long until you reach your goal weight. Check it out!

During the Attack phase is a 2-7 day kick start designed to get your metabolism and allows 72  protein rich foods. 

The Cruise phase lasts longer depending on the amount of weight you have to loose, calculated at a rate of 2 lbs of weight loss per week. This phase adds in about 28 specific veggies and salads. 

The Consolidation phase is designed to prevent future weight gain and reintroduces cheese, bread and starchy foods back into your diet. 

The Stabilization phase you can go back to eating pretty much anything you want with only a few rules. Followers will be on this phase for the rest of their life. 

Each phase also includes a walking program that gets progressively longer but not extreme. You start with walking 20 minutes a day, every day and increases to 30 minutes per day. If you hit a plateau for more than 7 days, increase your walking to 60 minutes a day. 

I will probably start in the middle of the week and a little worried about this up coming weekend since I am going out of town. 

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